jam-tuesdaysetlists and notes from weekly jams

From about October 2020 up until August 2021, my brother Matt and I got together every Tuesday evening to play music. It started as a way to stay sane during the COVID quarantine, but it quickly became a tradition and a highlight of the week. No matter how stressful work was, or what was going on in the outside world, we could leave it all behind as we played some of our favorite tunes.

At some point (woefully late), I realized it would be fun to start cataloging what we played.

The setlists and some play stats are all available in the Jam Tuesday Archive.

There are no audio recordings (at least publicly), but there's a stray note here and there to "set the scene".

The setlist notation is hopefully pretty straightforward. Unless otherwise noted, I'm on guitar and Matt's on keys (and if only one instrument is specified, it's me switching to it). We both (attempt to) sing. Sometimes we even harmonize :)

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